Custom - The Pearl Next Door


Creating special custom colour palettes for you and yours is how this humble little business began. If there is a style that you love, but the colour combinations don't speak to your sense of self, let's play! 

To begin, choose your necklace length, and your primary and secondary colour palette.

Once added to your shopping cart, you can leave a note to further detail what you're after. This is the best part of the journey! Tell me what other colours you love or where you are drawing your inspiration from; is it a piece of art, a favourite book, a childhood memory? We can take as long or as little as you need to land on the perfect palette for you.

When your order has been received, I will be in contact via email within two business days with an initial colour palette concept. From here, we can add/remove/reshuffle any colours. The threading process won't begin until you have approved your palette. Once we have the colour palette locked in, I'll begin creating your special piece & it will be shipped out within 5 business days.

If you need a custom piece quicker than quickly, please follow the same pathway I have detailed above & leave me a 'can I please have this made super fast?!' message in the order notes & I will do my very best to make this happen for you!